Saturday, October 24

my deepavali holidays in kl....

my few days in kl...
first day [15Oct1009]....
being a "partime supporter" of IPTB SIPMA TEAM!!
SIPMA competition(Malaysian Educational Institution Sports Tournament)
early morning,rushing all de way to Bukit Jalil by Star LRT
sweat~~>< run here and there...hoping to find de correct stadium at last,,,found it...
BUT . . .

aiksss....i reach late for his event...
sorry dude & cOngrates by the way~~

here's our pride..
IPTB runner--KALI
"so geng"!!!!he gOt 2nd runner up~~^^

a SNICKERS for KALI,excellent marathon runner from JOHOR!!!=P

from de track to de pOOl....

these bunch of gurlzz soo lucky to hav a pic wit Daniel Bego!!!!*jealous*>O< . . . .

short "kacau-ing" moment with them at sentral hotel
me & weng pheng junior,a good swimmer...hahahaaa....she roxx!!!
she gOt bronze in relay(4x100m)~~fuyoo...^_^

my kk aka. housemate,swimmers from sungai petani

a KITKAT for Candice,one of a swimmer from malacca


saw a fun thing when i passby KL Sentral...
at India Street
decided to make one myself due to de Festive of Deepavali

my red henna...RM5 for tis...RM10 for black henna

here's de finishing one~~

de henna lady beside


being a hikerof Broga Strawhill....
wakeup even early than being a supporter..@@
2.30a.m.....killin' me!!!
but i juz love outing~~especially with my bunch of fellow church member..
about 1hour drive to reach there..

tis hill is much easier to conquer than de other which i'd experienced before


sudden emo up there...=X

see his cOmOt face...
our powerbar supplier..ah heng..thanks 4ur Mars~

my new fren from ipoh--chao jiahui
nice....loud....talkative gurl~~>O<
sun rising moment....

i love natural~~

they r simple yet beautifull

edited by andychee
i feel so fresh and recharged after these holidays....
-the end-
p/s: H.A.P.P.I.E D.I.W.A.L.I to my INDIAN frenzz~~~^^

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