Wednesday, July 29

3days2nite training at KEDAH ='l

i love swimming and i love de sun
thou some people may comment on my "overcooked" dark skin
it hurts but i juz cun let go wat i love~~swimming
these r my swimming mates 3days2 nite swimming training at kedah gua gunung keriang:
from this training i gained alot
i broke my own record which might b a small and meaningless achievement to others..
but im proud of myself,
actually i feel tiny & strenghtless among my swimming mates..
s some of them had experiences in competitions
and some even at d state swimmers level..
and me,,,im juz a normall girl who swim for fun~~
my level of achievement is way too far from them
i juz noe de word of "swimming" when i joined swimming club in teacher's training college...
therefore i hav 2push myself harder in order to keep a short distance between me &those pros~
its hard its tough...
for some moment,
i silent in a corner of de pool,feeling disappointed feeling alone
my tears almost rolling down..
but i paused it..
i wanna thanked 1of my coach MR. LEONG,an old lecturer
he is de only 1who noticed me
im slow compared wit others but he's patient on me
alot of guidance given by him
he came 2me and polished my technics verbally
im so touched,i learned alot from him
it's juz lik a hand in darkness
his care makes me feel de love of home,juz lik my papa
now tat de selection for SIPMA(swimming competition among colleges &varsities in M'sia) is way ahead,,
i promised sir 2brush up my skill&giv my best shot for HIM
*muscle pain
*darker skin
*wider shoulder blade
*wider lungs

paddy field in KEDAH

the pool

audience sitting

my coach u sir~=)

2metres deep indoor pool,there r much effort behind our smile...

coaches:Pn Chung,Mr Eng,Mr Leong
swimming mates:wei xiu,weng pheng,kin keet,xue li,me

see!!my swimming mates fooling behind me..==

MAKAN TIME, KEDAH's delicacies....=D

Kedah Cheecheongfun wit prawn n charsiew fillings...1of my favorit~~

Marinated Chicken Wings

LoBak..yummy =O

Weng Pheng...cute little junior of mine but she's de best swimmer among us!!!jia you^^

Makan Treat by Mr Eng & Mr Leong as reward...hahahaa=P

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