Wednesday, June 17

meetup wit yinteng(National Service Friend) at kepong

yinteng brought me to 2 special cafe in kepong

1st--NELSON TAN "鸟生蛋"

De environment...

De Menu...

De Food....

spaghetti chicken ball wit tomato sauce (nothing special)

mediterranean cheese bake rice(thumbs up=)

Me & Yin Teng...

miss her so long din meetup wit her =)

2nd---HoneymoOn cafe
,nice dessert place

De MascOt of de cafe..

De service so efficient with a touch of tis button ^^

even de spOOn is printed wit their cartoon...

waiting for dessert is suffer~~

we order 3 at once...

something called HALO..
looks weird
but really nice
many texture of flavour
gotta try its!!!=P

water chesnut wit seacoconut
look nice
but arrghhh....
egg white added inside~disgusting..
but she can depends X(

DURIan PAncake
soft n creamy

satisfied look....
but purse bleeding~~~

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