Sunday, June 7

brother Ah kOk & sister Yet Sing's wedding(part I)

De bells of church are ringing

groom waited patiently with HIS charming smile

wondering when is de right time...

De moment has come

wedding march sound gracefully

here comes de bride, with HER dad

closer and nearer to HER happiness...

HE reach HER hand

together hand in hand…heart to heart

love is in de air...

Church wedding is holy

two different person with one believe

this is how they get together by God’s blessing

I look at de groom, my friend

and HE glance me back adding a quirky smile…

Still fooling in HIS big day~

I was de keyboardist of de day…

playing those lovely song for HIM & HER

Such a touching moment where I really feel de wedding atmosphere

De petal of roses were scattered around de floor

THEY left their footprints behind…




Venue:Gospel Hall ,Jalan Hang Jebat,K.L

[happy marriage to ah kOk & yet sing]^___^


jasmie said...


chowchow7 said...

i help de new couple 2thank you..
a sweet and lovely wedding in church=)

Shu ChinG said...

your headar is larger a bit!! certain part is hidden. Can i ask you how to have like snow dropping layout? TEACH Me!!thx

candicechong said...

Candice was here ;P
Congratz ya!! ^^

candicechong said...

wanna exchange link my dear..? ^^

chowchow7 said...

shu ching..sorry 4de late...
juz type animation for blog n u get 2choose a variety..^^

candice,u mean xchange blog's link?

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