Monday, February 2

The forever sealed red packet
I get fewest number of angpow in the year of ox compared to previous
Counted within five fingers..few enough?
Worst still, my relative forgot my part
Aiyoo, so cham “/…
Could it be economics slope?
Could it be I was being nautie for last year?
Normally, 1st reaction when receiving an angpow is to unsealed it..$
But then…
Hav you ever receive an angpow n u don wanna open it?
This happened to me…
What on earth was I thinking??
I was touched when a friend of mine pass an angpow to me…
It was from her mom…thou I din get to visit her…
Thanks aunt!!!!I feel like u r treating me as one of ur daughter
and so….
amount is not de matter,
hence I chose not to open it because
the meaning of giving is bigger!!!!
I always beLieve that there are things that are more important than $$$.....
to me it is the love of friendship that keeps me goin’~
love ya!!!=)

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