Sunday, January 13

Namelaka Patisserie@Bangsar


Tuesday, April 24

Malaysia's First Aircraft Dining Experience Kicks Off

Plane In The City, Malaysia's first aircraft dining experience was officially launched today at SKYLAND, Bukit Bintang. Sitting only 20 people per session to maintain exclusivity, food aboard the aircraft will be served in 3 or 4 courses ( depending on the type of package) by Le Meridien K.L, a well-known five star hotel, chosen based on their exciting menu and great-tasting cuisine. 

I was really impressed when I first heard about this. The whole idea of dining in the plane in the heart of the city of Jalan Bukit Bintang is really something new.

Sunday, February 25

SAPORE Grand Opening Ceremony

Congrats to Sapore on the grand opening ceremony yesterday after one year of establishment in Persiaran Ampang. 
The VIP directors who officiated the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony were Dr. Ng Wee Kiong (Managing Director), Chef Fabio Ruggiero (The restaurateur and executive chef) and other representatives.

Tuesday, November 28

Amazing Aurora Light Show in Selangor!

There is going to be a special art festival happening from 25th November 2017 till 1st January 2018. One of the highlight of the entire exhibition is the Aurora Laser Show that will mimic the actual Northern Lights. This will be held at Lightbox. This event will showcase collaborations between local and international artists from the Nertherlands. 

Tuesday, March 7

Le Pont 欧法混合料理 @ Sri Petaling

这是我第二次光临Le Pont。第一次是在Old Klang Road,那时我就觉得Le Pont 的食物不错吃了!

而这次是在Sri Petaling的新分行。两间的感觉大不同在于old klang road 的比较多木制而这间则请了日本的设计师。

Monday, February 27

movie premiere of A Dog's Purpose

Every dog happens for a reason.
A Dog's Purpose is a 2017 American comedy-drama film directed by Lasse Hallstrom.

In Collaboration with United International Pictures, this celebratory sequel launched in grand fashion last week during the premiere of A Dog's Purpose at MBO Cinema, CITTA Mall. 
Pawse for a Cause is making a comeback to further the fight against animal cruelty and increase awareness around the welfare of the same. Set for 29 July 2017 at Desa ParkCity, the effort seeks to spotilght the plight of strays nationwide, raise funds for pet non-profits, and educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act soon taking effect.

Friday, January 20

Value Concept水饺

Value Concept(爱。随脚)正式注册于2016517日,并于“水饺:为主打商品。
2016年,梁振华筹办Value Concept的同时,陈建孝也着手于双福董事林文业结盟“建交合作”关系将“社会企业”的理念落实马来西亚,希望带动成为楷模之一。

Thursday, January 19

Magi Planet Popcorn Studio

This is so cool!!!
Imagine having popcorn with your favourite movie at home. It's so convenient that you don't have to spend extra time queuing up for movie in the cinema. Formerly known as Planet Popcorn now with a new name, Magi Planet Popcorn Studio. The packaging is sealed type and it's so convenient for you to bring along anywhere to fix your popcorn cravings .  
 They came in two different packaging sizes, 110g and 50g.

Friday, January 13

Menya Miyabi @ Sunway Clio Hotel

Menya Miyabi, a Hokkaido ramen noodle house since 1998 started their first noodle house in Hokkaido and expanded to 4 outlets. Now, they are bringing the true traditional Hokkaido ramen here to Penang,KL & Malaysia. You will get to taste the most authentic, original & delicious ramen with Master Sifu Chef in town to personally handle the cooking. Here's the one I've tasted at Menya Miyabi Sunway Clio Hotel.

Miyabi Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavour) RM23.50
This is their signature among all and I love the whole combination of Ramen with bamboo shots,the egg, sliced pork shoulder and seaweed. Awesome!

Monday, December 26

Merrow Pasta

Merry Christmas to all!!!
It's my first visit to Merrow Pasta and I was overwhelmed by the cozy Christmas ambiance of it.
Well, as the name of the cafe focusing on the pasta word so I suppose to have some delicious and impressive ones here. By the way, they made their own pasta.

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